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The Travel in South Africa e-magazines is the greatest single source of information on South Africa for South Africans, Learners, Inbound Tourists, Travel Agents and Travel Specialists alike.

The Magazines are illustrated with plenty of photographs, interesting facts and the history of the areas.

A separate magazine will be provided for each province on the Tourism Routes, Game & Nature Reserves and all places of interest in each and every town around the country.

"A world in one country" - European city life, Western culture, a well-maintained network of roads and functioning economy are combined with the ancient beauty of nature and the traditional culture of the African continent, which never fails to enchant visitors with its unique wealth of plants and animals.

The variety of scenic landscapes is fascinating, ranging from deserts and arid savannahs through rolling hills and fertile valleys to dramatic mountains with snow-covered peaks.

South Africa is located at the southern tip of the continent of Africa and is the 4th largest country in Africa by population.

The country has a moderate climate with summer rainfall except for the south-western Cape, which has a Mediterranean climate with winter rain.

A few thousand kilometres of coastline hems the country. The beaches in the west are rough and harsh, their eastern counterparts mild and Mediterranean, with the northeast boasting tropical warmth.

Experience South Africa in a unique way; unspoiled and untarnished. The land is as it has always been – and as it shall always remain.

"The Rainbow People of God" is how Desmond Tutu, Archbishop of Cape Town, has describes the people of South Africa because of our wonderful diversity of colour, creed, culture and language; among the indigenous people there is great diversity. Even the settlers who immigrated from Europe and Asia have made important contributions to our country.

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Social Responsibility

20% of the proceeds of the sale of the book will go to deserving charities that involve women and children and in addition 20% of the advertising revenue will go to various conservation organizations as listed below.

Bronberg ConservancyBronberg Conservancy: located on the South East side of Pretoria in the Gauteng Province, covering an area of over 300ha, the conservancy includes unique ecological zones that provide a home to a diverse range of fauna and flora and is marked by its outstanding landscapes including rocky hill slopes, quartzite ridges as well as grassland areas.

Free Me Wildlife Rehabilitation CentreFree Me Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre: a rehabilitation centre for indigenous wildlife based in the north of Johannesburg. It was founded in 1997 by a group of trained rehabilitators who realized that there was not enough organized care for suburban indigenous wildlife.

The Mabula Ground Hornbill ProjectMabula Ground Hornbill Project: this Project was founded in 1999 by Ann Turner when researchers were looking for a new release site for harvested chicks from Kruger National Park. What started as one woman’s passion to help these endangered birds has become a nationwide conservation project.

VulPro - Vulture Conservation ProgrammeVulture Conservation Programme (VulPro): Vultures form an important ecological component of our natural environment, cleaning up dead carcasses and decreasing the spread of some diseases.